Two new singles, "I Hope You're Feeling Fine" and "Riddles In The Whirlpool" were released in November & December
and are available on all the important digital services (iTunes, CDBaby, etc)!

Recorded and mixed by Killah Cortez at New Monkey Studio (Van Nuys, CA),
they are boisterous expressions of energy.
Fuzz 12 strings, huge mellotrons, noise synths, drum solos, bass explosions and big vocal harmonies
- all the things you'd hope to find in songs by the Running Jumps!


"Check out the explosive drum break at around the two-minute mark on “Don’t Ask Me,” or, even better, the sixteen bars of Keith Moonishness that lead into the guitar solo of opening cut “Addison Harvard.” It’s cool that these moments appear early on the recording, because it keeps us looking forward to similarly giddy bits throughout the album, and helps us to understand that Johnstone is throwing his weight around with the full support of the rest of the band, who chug right along with the unbridled pounder. Great stuff."

- Modern Drummer


Listen to the new album : "The Consciousness Set"
The Running Jumps

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